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This site is devoted to promoting all things "Hitty" without outside advertising and at no charge to those who play in the Hitty world. Hitty story blogs and webpages can be hosted here for free in their own sub domains. Those who create Hitty products; dolls, clothes, furniture, etc. are welcome to show them here so other "Hitty" people will know where to acquire these things.
Dolls are free to live in the world as we would want it to be. Our inner children frolic on the playgrounds of their minds and tell their stories unfettered. They add a sense of whimsy to our otherwise ordered lives.
The Adventures of Hitty Moonbeam - created by Mrs.B
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Gailwilsondesigns.com - doll maker and accessories
Judy Brown will have Hitty and her other dolls at the Sturbridge Dollhouse Miniatures Festival June 4 & 5, 2016. Also at her booth will be Art To Play With and other artists. For more info contact: Dollcarver (at) verizon dot net
See www.mollycromwell.com
Art To Play With - custom made Hitty doll houses and room boxes
For more information contact Mrs.B (at) hittysplace (dot )com (Please use standard email format)
Judy Brown Brings You Hitty - hand carved wooden dolls and kits
Visit our booth with doll houses and roomboxes along with Judy Brown and her Hitty dolls and other artists featured in The Hittys Market Place at the Sturbridge Dollhouse Miniatures Festival June 4 & 5, 2016.
Hitty doll on left is made by Gail Wilson. Hitty doll on right is carved by Judy Brown. Both dresses made by Gail Wilson. Room box constructed and painted by Art To Play With.
These are "articulated" dolls made by Judy Brown. They are the same size as Hitty (6-1/2 inches tall) but can bend at elbows and knees. On the left is Ima, center is Becassine, and on the left is Grandma.

Room box is built and painted by Art To Play With. Desk is by Roy Bubbenmoyer. Rug and wall hanging kits designed by Teresa Layman and finished in French knots by Esther Robertson.
Who is Hitty?
Photo of the original Hitty doll purchased by Rachel Field and Dorothy Lathrop in 1927. Because the doll was very old at the time of their purchase, they wondered about the life she may have led. Their book, "Hitty, Her First Hundred Years" won a Newberry Award in 1929 and is still widely read today. The doll, along with her clothes and furniture, is displayed in the Stockbridge Library Museum in Massachusetts.

The book is available at Amazon.com
Molly Cromwell Presents - miniature shows that also feature Hitty
Hitty Hannah's Journal - features Hitty furniture made by Roy Bubbenmoyer
Hittygirls - for those who like to play!
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A Visit With Hitty
The Hitty's Place Market - where you can find all kinds of things for sale for Hitty
Visit Market 2016 HERE!
Journal of HItty Robertson